Meaning of ‘I’

Most of us identify ourselves with the body that we have acquired because we are unaware about the immortal entity called 'soul' which resides within us and functions through our body. As a result of this ignorance one letter that dominates our lives is – ‘I’. Even when we are thinking of something or someone it is linked to ‘I’ i.e to the needs, desires and feelings of the self in relation to objects and people. Since the body is made up of five elements it is lifeless without a soul. A dead body becomes hard and loses its softness as soon as a soul leaves it. Likewise, the big ‘I’ has no soul and a proud person is rigid in his opinions, beliefs and attitudes. Whereas the small ‘i’ has a dot above it. The dot symbolises the soul and its lower part may be seen as representing the body. So in that sense, the small ‘i’ connotes a complete human being i.e. the soul and the body.  In the true sense we only live when we are aware of the

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Pilgrimage for Self Transformation

It is a common belief in indian culture that pilgrimage  or tirtha as they call in hindi is a great religious endeavor and is essential for the true devotees of God and that it helps soul in liberation from the past sins. The very fact that people go on a pilgrimage shows that they have a desire to get some kind of religious experience from which they hope to benefit either in terms of getting rid of their sins or finding more peace or having other wishes fulfilled. But rarely does it bring about a permanent change in their life or in their way of thinking or behavior. And it’s a fact that no one would completely deny, coz once they are back from the pilgrimage, people resume their old ways of living and any uplifting or elevated experience that they have had on pilgrimage, remains just a temporary experience that may, at the most, be cherished by them all their life. Thus, it does not result in any elevation in their consciousness because most of us fail to understand a

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